Cold Drinks

Find out more about Fentimans 'botanically brewed beverages' here!   
Ginger Beer          
Victorian Lemonade
Rose Lemonade
Dandelion and Burdock
Curiosity Cola  
Orange Jigger

James White Farm Pressed Fruit Juices 
An excellent alternative to wine - find out more about their 'farm-pressed fruit juices' here!
Bramley: Dry & crisp with the wonderful piquance of the Bramley apple.
Apple & Elderflower: A light, fragrant & very refreshing drink.  
Cox: Deliciously light, sweet and fruity.

Frobishers Squeezed Orange Juice     

Milk & Milk Drinks
Tumbler of Chilled Milk                                    
A Groovy glass of luxury Schmoo thick shake (Chocolate, Strawberry or Banana)

Alcoholic Beverages
Stella Artois Lager (330ml bottle)
Northumbrian Real Ales (500ml bottle)
Shandy (Lager)
House Wine         
White or Red (187ml or 70cl bottle) 

Also see our Bailey's Hot Chocolate and Latte.





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